🏁/start Command

Overview for /start Command in Decentra Sniper Bot

The /start command serves as the main hub for the Decentra Sniper Bot, offering users quick access to all essential functions and features. This command is designed to streamline the process of managing orders, wallets, and personal settings, making it easier for users to engage with multiple blockchain networks effectively.

Introduction Message

Upon initiating the /start command, users are welcomed with the following message:

Trade like a pro with our all-in-one crypto trading bot, designed for ease of use and packed with powerful features. 

Simply unlock a world of possibilities: 
▪️ Multichain quick swap: Buy or sell crypto assets across multiple chains comfortably on Telegram. 
▪️ Multichain limit orders: Set up limit orders on multiple chains to trade at your desired price or size. 
▪️ Multichain bridge: Seamlessly move your assets between different blockchains. 

DCE token holders enjoy exclusive perks, including: 
▪️ 0% Bot fee 
▪️ Revenue sharing 
▪️ Sniper2earn program  

Want to learn more? Check out our /premium command or join our Telegram channel for additional information.

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Main Features and Buttons

The /start command provides the following options, each accessible via dedicated buttons:

  1. 🤝 Swap (Multichain Quick Swap): Sets up a new buy or sell transaction for crypto assets across multiple chains comfortably on Telegram.

  2. 🎯 Limit:

    • Buy: Sets up a new limit order with WETH as the buy side.

    • Sell: Sets up a new limit order with WETH as the sell side.

  3. 🌉 Bridge (Multichain Bridge): Seamlessly move assets between different blockchains.

  4. ↗️ Withdraw: Initiate the process to withdraw funds from your account.

  5. ↙️ Deposit: Guide users through the process of funding their account.

  6. 📜 Order History: Review the history of orders placed by the user. This feature allows users to track their trading activities, monitor order statuses, and evaluate their trading strategies over time.

  7. 👝 Manage Wallets: Allows the user to manage connected wallets. This function includes options to connect new wallets or generate new ones, ensuring users have full control over their funds and how they interact with the bot.

  8. 🏧 Show All Balances: Display the balances of all connected wallets across different chains.

  9. ⭐ Premium: Access information about premium features and benefits.

  10. 💼 Referrals: Manage and view information about the user's referral program participation.

  11. 🎁 Rewards: Access information about available rewards and how to earn them.

Referral System

The bot now includes a referral system. When a user starts the bot with a referral code:

  • The system checks if the referral code is valid.

  • If valid, it associates the referral code with the user's account.

  • Users cannot refer themselves, and referral codes cannot be changed once set.

  • The bot provides feedback on the success or failure of the referral code application.

New User Experience

For users who haven't set up a wallet yet:

  • The bot prompts them to set up a wallet first.

  • Only the "👝 Wallet Setup" button is available until a wallet is connected.


The /start command is designed to be the gateway to your trading activities on the Decentra Sniper Bot. By providing easy access to key functionalities like order management, wallet configuration, and personal settings, it empowers users to engage with the crypto market efficiently across multiple chains.

Premium members benefit from zero fees, enhancing the trading experience by reducing costs and maximizing potential profits. The addition of features like the referral system, rewards, and multichain support makes the Decentra Sniper Bot a comprehensive tool for both newcomers and experienced traders in the cryptocurrency space.

Embrace the convenience and power of DCE Sniper Bot to elevate your trading strategy and connect with the vibrant community of traders across multiple blockchain networks.

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