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Overview for "Spending Controls" in the /limit Command of Decentra Sniper Bot


The "Spending Controls" section within the /limit command provides users with the ability to precisely define the parameters related to the assets they wish to sell or exchange. This section focuses on setting the token to be sold, the amount, and the wallet from which the funds will be drawn.

Spending Controls Features

Sell Token

  • Functionality: Allows users to set the token they wish to sell. Users can select the token in two ways:

    • Preset Buttons: For common tokens like WETH, preset buttons enable quick selection.

    • Contract Address Input: Users can input the contract address of the token they wish to sell. It is important to note that only the token's contract address is acceptable, not the pair address.

  • Notes:

    • Upon setting, the interface will display the balance of the selected token available in the configured wallet.

    • The system defaults to using the default wallet for initiating new orders.

    • The token amount for new orders will automatically default to 1 unless adjusted by the user.

Sell Amount

  • Functionality: Users can define the quantity of tokens to sell. This can be done via:

    • Preset Percentages: Buttons for 100%, 50%, and 25% allow users to quickly set the sell amount as a percentage of the available token balance in the wallet.

    • Manual Entry: Users can manually enter a specific amount of tokens they wish to sell.

Spending Wallet

  • Functionality: This setting allows users to select which of their configured wallets to use for the transaction.

  • Interface: Displays all wallets that have been configured in the /wallet command, each represented by a button showing the wallet's summarized address and the blockchain it is associated with.

  • Notes:

    • The spending wallet determines the DCE token balance, which in turn affects the applicable trading fees.

    • Users must select from already configured wallets; manual input of wallet addresses is not supported here.

    • Configured wallets may or may not store the private key in the database. If a wallet is set not to store the private key, the user will be required to provide it during the Review phase after all other settings have been confirmed.


The "Spending Controls" segment of the /limit command empowers users with critical tools for managing the sell side of their limit orders effectively. By providing options to easily set the sell token, adjust the amount based on real-time wallet balances, and select the appropriate spending wallet, the DCE Sniper Bot enhances user experience and transaction precision. These controls ensure that users can customize their trading actions to align with their strategic goals while adhering to security protocols.

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