📈/limit Command

This command takes the user directly to the sniper interface for buying or selling tokens.

Overview for /limit Command in Decentra Sniper Bot


The /limit command in the DCE Sniper Bot allows users to set up limit orders for trading on the Ethereum blockchain, managing both the spending and receiving aspects of these orders. This command is designed for precise control over trading activities, enabling users to specify the exact conditions under which they want their orders executed.

Main Screen Description

The main screen of the /limit command provides a comprehensive view of both the spending and receiving details of your proposed limit order:

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Spending Details

  • Token Address: Displayed in a summarized format (e.g., 0xc02a...6cc2). Clicking this takes the user to Etherscan to view more details about the token.

  • Amount: The amount of the token to be sold (e.g., 1 WETH).

  • USD Value: The current market value of the tokens to be sold (e.g., $3,145.495).

  • Wallet: The Ethereum address from which the tokens will be spent.

  • Balance: Displays the total balance in ETH and its USD equivalent, followed by the balance in WETH and its corresponding USD value.

Receiving Details

  • Token Address: Similar to the spending side, clicking this takes the user to Etherscan.

  • Amount: The amount of the token you wish to receive (e.g., 1 USDC).

  • USD Value: The value of the tokens you expect to receive.

  • Wallet: The receiving wallet address.

Order Duration

  • Expires: The duration for which the order will remain active (e.g., one year).

DCE Balance and Fees

  • DCE Balance: Shows the current balance of DCE tokens and their USD value.

  • Trade Fee: The fee percentage applicable to the trade, which varies based on the DCE balance in USD.

Buttons and Their Functions

  • [Spending Side] and [Receiving Side]: Navigate to detailed settings for configuring the specifics of the tokens to be spent and received.

  • [Swap Sides]: Allows users to quickly invert the spending and receiving details, facilitating easy setup for reverse trades.

  • [Duration]: Adjust the duration for which the order remains active.

  • [Review]: Provides a final overview of the order for confirmation before submission.

Trade Fee Tiers

The trade fee applied to transactions varies depending on the DCE token balance in the spending wallet:

  • DCE Balance >= $1,500: Trade fee is 0%.

  • DCE Balance >= $500 and < $1,500: Trade fee is 0.5%.

  • DCE Balance < $500: Standard trade fee of 1%.

This tiered fee structure incentivizes holding DCE tokens by offering reduced trading fees for higher balances.


The /limit command offers a robust platform for setting up detailed and precise trading orders on the Ethereum blockchain. By providing clear and manageable inputs for both spending and receiving details, along with adjustable order duration and tiered trading fees, this command empowers users to execute trades according to their strategic financial plans. This command is an essential tool for traders seeking to leverage advanced trading capabilities within the DCE Sniper Bot ecosystem.

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