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Overview for "Other Controls" in the /limit Command of Decentra Sniper Bot


The "Other Controls" within the /limit command provide additional functionalities to fine-tune and finalize the details of limit orders in the DCE Sniper Bot. These controls are essential for customizing the duration of orders, reviewing transaction details, and executing trades with precision.

Features of Other Controls

Swap Sides

  • Functionality: This control allows users to quickly swap the tokens set on the spending and receiving sides of the order. It's a convenient feature for users who want to toggle between buying and selling a selected asset without re-entering all the details.


  • Functionality: Users can set the duration for which the order should remain active. This is crucial for managing how long an order should be exposed to market conditions before it expires.

  • Options:

    • Preset Durations: Offers quick selection for common durations such as 1 hour, 24 hours, and 7 days.

    • Custom Input: Users can type in a natural duration in a format like '2 days 3 hours', '4 hours', or '30 minutes'. The system processes these inputs to set the order's active period accordingly.


  • Functionality: Provides a critical review of the order before submission. This section displays estimated costs, potential fees, and advice on order settings based on current market conditions.

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