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Overview for /orders Command in Decentra Sniper Bot


The /orders command in the DCE Sniper Bot provides a comprehensive view of your trading orders on the Ethereum blockchain. This command allows users to monitor and manage their active and completed (expired) orders, facilitating better trading decision-making and portfolio management.

Main View Description

Upon accessing the /orders command, users are greeted with the following options in the Orders Main Menu:

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  • Active Orders: Displays orders that are currently active and not expired.

  • Completed Orders: Shows orders that have passed their expiration date.

Active Orders View

When selecting [Active Orders], the following view is presented:

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Total Orders 1



Active until in 55 years


✅ Orders queried!

Each order is associated with a button showing the first 6 characters of the order hash, such as [0xc6452]. Selecting this button displays the order's detailed view.

Order Details View

When clicking on an order hash, users can view detailed information about the order:

🔍 Order Details

  • 🗓 Order Date: 2024-04-12 10:19:30 UTC

  • #️⃣ Order Hash: 0xc6452905a6d63b6f487109e3eb8652ca96e42aa5a006a2e0f24f7e848c6f2d34

  • 📃 Status: Active until 2079-07-24 00:38:57 UTC

  • ↗️ Spending: 0.0011 WETH (View on DexScreener)

  • ↙️ Receiving: 37.808 DCE (View on DexScreener)


From this view, users also have the option to [Cancel Order], which will use the "Default Wallet" set in the /wallet command to sign for the cancellation.

Expired Orders View

Selecting [Completed Orders] from the main menu displays all expired orders:

Total Orders 7


Various IDs

order cancelled or expired


As the bot queries to update the status of each order, users will see "⏳ Querying order X/7" at the bottom.

Special Considerations

  • Security: Ensure the default wallet set for order cancellations is secure, as it must match the wallet that originally placed the order.

  • Order Management: Regularly review both active and expired orders to optimize your trading strategy and ensure your portfolio reflects your current investment goals.


The /orders command is a vital tool within the DCE Sniper Bot, enabling traders to effectively track and manage their orders. Whether keeping an eye on active trades or reviewing past transactions, this command enhances users' control over their trading activities on the Ethereum blockchain.

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