🌉/bridge Command

Overview for /bridge Command in Decentra Sniper Bot

💱 Quick Bridge

Effortlessly bridge your tokens at the best rates available.

↗️ Bridge from

  • 🔗 Chain: [Blockchain Sent From]

  • 💠 Token: [Native Token Symbol] ♦️ View Token

  • 👝 Wallet: [User Wallet Address]

  • ⚖️ Balance: [Wallet Balance] [Native Currency Symbol]

  • 💲 Bridge Amount: [Amount to Bridge]

↙️ Bridge To

  • 🔗 Chain: [Blockchain Sent To]

  • 💠 Token: [Native Token Symbol] ♦️ View Token

Additional Settings

  • 🚀 Gas Priority: [Selected Gas Priority]

  • 🎚 Slippage: [Selected Slippage]%

  • 🏆 Tier Level: [User's Current Tier Level]

Key Features

  • Cross-Chain Bridging: Transfer native currencies between supported blockchains.

  • Native Currency Only: The bridge feature supports only native currencies of the respective blockchains.

  • Best Rates: Ensures optimal exchange rates for your bridging transactions.

  • Customizable Settings: Adjust gas priority and slippage tolerance to suit your needs.

  • Tier System: Different tier levels offer varying benefits, with the Advanced tier eliminating fees entirely.

Supported Blockchains

The /bridge command supports the following blockchains:

  • Ethereum

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Avalanche

  • Arbitrum

  • Base

  • Polygon

Gas Priority

The gas priority setting allows users to adjust the transaction speed and cost:

  • Low: 0.9x

  • Normal: 1x

  • High: 1.5x

  • Instant: 2x

These multipliers are applied to the average gas cost on the network.

Tier System

The tier level displayed indicates the user's current status in the bot's premium system. Higher tiers offer benefits such as reduced fees, with the Advanced tier completely eliminating fees. For more information on how to achieve the Advanced tier and its benefits, refer to the Advanced Tier section in the bot's documentation.

Important Notes

  • The bridging process transfers the native currency of the source chain to the native currency of the destination chain.

  • The receiving wallet address is the same as the sending address, but on the destination chain.

  • Always verify all details before confirming a bridge transaction.

⚠️ Warning: The bridge feature currently supports only native currencies for bridging across chains. Users cannot bridge other tokens at this time.

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