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Revenue Sharing via Trading Fees System


The Decentra Sniper Bot implements a sophisticated trading fees system that balances user incentives with sustainable operation. This system is designed to reward active traders, encourage referrals, and support the bot's ongoing development and marketing efforts.

Fee Structure

The fee structure varies based on the type of trade and the user's membership level:

Native Currency Trades

  1. Basic Members: 1% fee

  2. Loyalty Members: 0.5% fee

  3. Advanced Members: No fee

ERC20 Token Trades

Fees are collected based on membership level (specific rates to be determined).

Fee Collection and Distribution

When a user makes a trade, the following process occurs:

  1. The appropriate fee is collected based on the trade type and user's membership level.

  2. For ERC20 token trades, the collected fees are monitored until they reach a predetermined threshold.

  3. Once the threshold is met, the tokens are swapped to the native currency of the blockchain.

  4. The collected fees (whether from native currency trades or swapped ERC20 tokens) are then split equally among four programs:

    • 25% - Referral Program

    • 25% - Advanced Membership Program (Coming Soon)

    • 25% - Most Active Traders Program (Sniper2Earn)

    • 25% - Marketing Funds

Program Details

Referral Program

Users can earn rewards by referring others to the bot. See the Referral System documentation for more details.

Advanced Membership Program (Coming Soon)

This program will reward users who lock their tokens with the bot. More details will be provided upon release.

Most Active Traders Program (Sniper2Earn)

This program tracks the most active traders on a weekly basis. At the end of each week, the collected fees are distributed among the top traders based on their activity levels.

Marketing Funds

A portion of the fees is allocated to marketing efforts to promote the bot and expand its user base.

Viewing Rewards

Users can view their earned rewards in the bot's Rewards section. This includes earnings from the referral program and the most active traders program (when implemented).


The Trading Fees System in the Decentra Sniper Bot is designed to create a fair and rewarding environment for all users. By incentivizing active trading, referrals, and long-term commitment, the system aims to foster a vibrant and growing community of traders.

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