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Referral System in Decentra Sniper Bot


The Referral System in the Decentra Sniper Bot is designed to reward users for bringing new members to the platform. It implements a multi-level structure that distributes a portion of trading fees to referrers, encouraging community growth and active participation.

How It Works

  1. Users can generate a unique referral code through the bot.

  2. They share this code with others.

  3. New users join using the referral code, creating a link in the referral chain.

  4. As referred users make trades, a portion of the fees is distributed among the referral chain.

Referral Chain Structure

The referral chain can extend up to 5 levels deep. The distribution of rewards depends on the length of the chain:

  1. 1 Level: 100% to the direct referrer

  2. 2 Levels: 50% to level 1, 50% to level 2

  3. 3 Levels: 50% to level 1, 30% to level 2, 20% to level 3

  4. 4 Levels: 50% to level 1, 30% to level 2, 15% to level 3, 5% to level 4

  5. 5 Levels: 50% to level 1, 30% to level 2, 15% to level 3, 4% to level 4, 1% to level 5

Reward Distribution

  1. When a user makes a trade, 25% of the collected fee is allocated to the referral program.

  2. The system determines the length of the referral chain for the user.

  3. The allocated fee is then distributed among the referrers based on the percentages outlined above.

  4. Rewards are added to each referrer's account and can be viewed in the bot's Rewards section.

Using the Referral System

To participate in the referral program:

  1. Access the referral section through the /start command.

  2. Generate your unique referral code.

  3. Share your referral code with potential new users.

  4. As your referrals (and their referrals) make trades, you'll earn rewards based on your position in the referral chain.

Viewing Rewards

Users can view their earned referral rewards in the bot's Rewards section. This will show the total amount earned through the referral program.

Benefits of the Referral System

  1. Community Growth: Encourages users to introduce new members to the platform.

  2. Passive Income: Users can earn rewards from the trading activity of their referrals.

  3. Multi-Level Rewards: Benefit not just from direct referrals, but also from indirect referrals up to 5 levels deep.


The Referral System in the Decentra Sniper Bot provides a powerful incentive for users to grow the community. By rewarding users for bringing in new members and for the ongoing activity of their referral network, the system aims to create a thriving, expanding ecosystem of traders.

Disclaimer 🚧

Please note the following important details about the current state of the Referral System:

  1. Native Currency Trades: Rewards are only distributed when the "from" token or the selling token is a native currency of the blockchain.

  2. ERC20 Token Trades: When the selling currency is an ERC20 token, the system tracks referral earnings but does not immediately distribute them. These earnings are accumulated until a certain threshold of ERC20 tokens is met.

  3. Auto-Selling System (Coming Soon): An automatic system to sell accumulated ERC20 tokens for native currency and distribute the resulting rewards is currently under development. This feature is not live yet.

  4. Future Updates: This document will be updated when the auto-selling ERC20 system is released and fully operational.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to improve and expand the capabilities of our Referral System. Stay tuned for updates!

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